K2 Ban

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COLUMBIA- Missouri businesses have less than 48 hours to sell or rid their stores of any products they sell with substances containing synthetic cannabinoid, commonly referred to as K2 or K3. HB-641 takes effect Monday at 12 a.m. banning the sale and possession of these substances. The Boone County Sheriff's Department said Friday this legislation will crack down on the illegal use of bath salts and synthetic marijuana. "We are more confident in this law than previous laws passed," Detective Tom O'Sullivan said.

Customers filed into Columbia stores to grab their last supplies of the substances before they disappear off shelves.

"It isn't uncommon for customers to come in and buy $300 worth of bath salts," said a worker at the Retro Active Smoke Shop.

One packet of bath salts costs around 25 dollars.

Residents found in possession of these illegal substances will face the same penalties associated with possession of marijuana.

Within the last few months, the sheriff's department has responded to incidents related to misuse of these substances.

"One man was hallucinating and shot up his house," O'Sullivan said.

O'Sullivan didn't reveal any specific details regarding a plan to monitor illegal use of these substances, but did say enforcement will definitely increase.