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LYNDON, Kan. (AP) -- A Kansas judge has sentenced a former Missouri city official to death for fatally shooting his estranged wife, two daughters and his wife's grandmother. Judge Phillip Fromme sentenced 48-year-old James Kraig Kahler on Tuesday.

Kahler was convicted in August of killing his four family members in November 2009. The jury recommended the death sentence.

Kahler was convicted of killing 44-year-old Karen Kahler; her grandmother, 89-year-old grandmother Dorothy Wight; and the Kahlers' two daughters, 18-year-old Emily and 16-year-old Lauren, at Wight's home in Burlingame, Kan.

A psychiatrist testified during the trial that Kahler had been upset with his daughters for siding with their mother, and that he believed Wight should have encouraged his wife to stay in their marriage.

Kahler's son, Sean -- who was 10 years old at the time of the killings -- was not injured in the rampage. He testified in court that he did not want his father to recieve the death penalty.

Kahler is now the ninth person in Kansas sitting on death row. The state reinstated the use of death penalties back in 1994, but Kansas has not held an execution since 1965.

Under Kansas law, after Kahler was sentenced to die, an automatic appeal on his behalf was filed with the Kansas Supreme Court.