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COLUMBIA - Tim Kaine has always been a leader.

While as a student at the University of Missouri, he served as a Summer Welcome leader, helping the incoming freshman class learn the ins and outs of MU.

When Kaine was announced as Hillary Clinton's vice president pick Friday, one current Summer Welcome leader felt proud.

"I think regardless of what political party you're a part of, you should be happy for Tim Kaine because not only as a Summer Welcome alumni, but a Mizzou alumni in general, you should be proud," Summer Welcome student coordinator Darren Green said.

Since being a Summer Welcome leader, Kaine has been a mayor, governor, and senator in Virginia, going 8-0 in elections. Green said his Summer Welcome days may have served as a precursor to his political career.

"I think it helped Tim Kaine," Green said. "I don't know if this is the one thing that set him above everything else. But, I think the program did help."

Kaine graduated from Missouri with a bachelors degree in economics in 1979. He became the mayor of Richmond, Virginia in 1998, the governor of Virginia in 2006, and a U.S. senator in 2013. Kaine was rumored to be President Barack Obama's vice presidential pick in 2008, before Obama selected Joe Biden.

The Democratic National Convention starts Monday, July 25 in Philadelphia. Kaine is expected to speak and officially accept the nomination by Thursday.