Kander speaks on campaign finance and ethics reform in Columbia

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COLUMBIA – Democratic U.S. Senate nominee Jason Kander held a press conference at the University of Missouri Friday.

Kander spoke about one of the most important issues on his agenda, changing campaign finance laws and making them more ethical.

“In Missouri you have some of the worst ethics laws, and campaign laws, in the entire country, and what’s really sad is that as bad as the rules are in Washington in Missouri it’s even worse and what we need is we need reform in both levels really really badly,” Kander said.

With Kander were representatives who stand behind Kander and his reform policies including Randy Dunn, D-Kansas City, Tracy McCreery,  D-St. Louis, and Kip Kendrick, D-Columbia.

 “Serving the public should be about fighting for our communities, not turning a private profit. Throughout his career Jason has fought to bring transparency and accountability to our system. Whether it be rooting out corruption in local governments in Afghanistan… or in the Missouri House of Representatives,” Kendrick said.

Kendrick also said Missouri is the only state that allows unlimited campaign contributions and unlimited gifts from lobbyists.

Kander has plans to change national campaign funding laws as well.

“In Washington what we need, we need to overturn citizens united. It’s been terrible for our democracy, and we also need to make sure that we really permanently close the revolving door that allows members of congress to become lobbyists,” Kander said

One of the biggest reasons this issue is so big to Kander is that he believes people with money are able to do the most talking.

“When you have a system that works to give people a voice in the process instead of just giving the folks with the most money the voice the process, when that system works then you’re going to get results on every other policy area that is more in line with what the people of this country, or of this state, want.,” Kander said.

Kander also wants to place a ban that prevents members of congress to become lobbyists.

He also said his opponent, R-Sen. Roy Blunt, hasn’t even held a hearing on reform in campaign financing.

Despite multiple phone calls and e-mails, Senator Roy Blunt's campaign offered no comment on the issue.