Kansas City Sports Trust Claims Commitment to Working with Mizzou

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COLUMBIA - The group that stepped forward Tuesday to help fund improvements to Mizzou's sports facilities is little known in Columbia. But the Kansas City Sports Trust was started in 2004 solely to donate to MU Athletics.  Donations started when the group made a $10 million donation that year to the athletic department. Part of the anonymity of the group is that its members insist on remaining anonymous.

In terms of this latest donation, the trust had been talking with the MU Athletics for a few months prior to Tuesday's $30 million donation. 

"Well I don't know that there's any one thing that prompted it. Obviously it was a looking down the road, a need for expanded facilities, upgraded facilities, that precipitated the discussions," Mark Foster, trustee for the group, said. 

"We hope that the university continues to grow and prosper.  There's been dynamic changes over the last 10 or 12 years and I think we're all moving in the right direction and want to be a part of it," Foster said.