Kansas Highway Patrol Apprehends Jamestown Students

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KANSAS - The Kansas Highway Patrol has confirmed that they have apprehended the students that allegedly stole a Jamestown teacher's vehicle earlier on Thursday.

Authorities were looking for a car stolen by two high school students in Jamestown Thursday morning. The Moniteau County Sheriff's Department confirmed that a car was stolen today at Jamestown School. The Jamestown C1 Superintendent James Deacon said two high school students took a teacher's keys and drove away in his red Chevrolet pickup truck. Deacon described the students who stole the car as 9th and 10th grade males with dark hair. A Jamestown School administrator knows the identities of the students who stole the car, but would not reveal them to KOMU. Doors to the school were locked this afternoon, but Deacon was not calling it an official lockdown. KOMU will update this story as more details become available.