Katy trail closed due to flooding

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ROCHEPORT – Severe flooding is happening across mid-Missouri and in Rocheport the flooding is leaving a finacial impact on businesses. 

Brett Dufur, owner of Katy Trail Bed and Breakfast in Rocheport, said the perception of a flood is as bad as an actual flood.

“We're high and dry, and sections of the trail are open. All the shops, the winery, the restaurants, everybody's open,” Dufur said.

Despite his worries about future business, he says the community is really coming together during this hard time.

“It’s actually been amazing and humbling to see all the wonderful people in the community and beyond that have just come out to help out for a few hours or days,” he said.

Not only is Dufur losing money from cancellations, but he will also lose money from his other Rocheport business: Mighty MO Canoe Rental.

“I'm anticipating that I will be unable to guide any floats on the river this year,” Dufur said.

Sarah Jones, the Park Superintendent with Missouri State Parks, said portions of the Katy Trail are closed because of flooding.

“A good portion of people are staying off of it (the trail)," Jones said. "But a few are still trying to go on the trail or ride through the water."

People who ride through the water can cause the trail to be closed longer. Jones said bikes can mix the rock and mud causing the graveling process to take longer. 

Jones said information on the status of the trail's closure is posted on the Missouri State Park website.