Keep Columbia Free Rallys against EEZ

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COLUMBIA - Members of the Columbia Political Action Committee, also know as Keep Columbia Free, will rally at the Columbia City Council meeting Monday evening.  Hundreds are expected to show up.

The group will gather and demonstrate in front of City Hall from 6:30 to 7:00 p.m. After that, they will take part in a public meeting.  Political analyst David Stokes will present his preliminary findings from his study of EEZ projects in Missouri.

Keep Columbia Free president Mark Flakne said he has already gotten hundreds of responses from people to participate. Flakne said the main purpose of the rally is to let the City Council know that Columbians expect representation from the Council. Flakne said,"An overwhelming number of people who really oppose to the idea that Columbia is blighted, that Columbia needs to give tax to businesses to invite them in, that Columbia is not a place that has a good business community already."