Keep Fire Hydrants Visible for Emergency Crews

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JEFFERSON CITY - The Jefferson City Fire Department is asking homeowners to keep snow from covering fire hydrants.

Interim Fire Chief Jason Turner said Jefferson City saw between six to eight inches of snow during Monday's snow storm.

"This is why we sent out the media release concerning fire hydrants because residents start pushing snow and we want them to take the time to remove the snow from the fire hydrants," Turner said. "Street workers push snow off the street and it sometimes pushes over onto the sidewalk areas and we tend to forget about the hydrants."

He said the street department has been working very hard in the last two days to clear the roads and make it accessible for not only drivers but also for emergency crews.

In the immediate capitol area, between US 54 and Adams St., there are between 75 - 100 hydrants on the sides of the streets. The fire department has a mapping structure in its trucks that gives firefighters a basic range of where the fire hydrants are located.

During snow storms, he said it's important to have fire hydrants cleared to help emergency crews locate them right away during a fire.

"Whenever the trucks pull up late at night and it's dark, having the snow covered fire hydrants makes it hard to visibly see them," Turner said. "We have to uncover them and that takes time away from the efforts we should be doing when seconds count in fire," Turner said.

He also said there haven't been any fires since the snow, but the department has brought in extra people.