Kentucky Win

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COLUMBIA - The Mizzou football game time at Tennessee has been announced for kickoff at 11:21 a.M. Central time, and it will air on the SEC network. But first thing's first... Mizzou plays at Florida on Saturday.

The Gators coming off their first loss of the season, and Mizzou with its first SEC win against Kentucky. Tiger defensive tackle Sheldon Richardson was named the SEC defensive lineman of the week; he had five tackles, forced a fumble, and recovered a fumble.

Richardson commented on the game: "We needed a momentum shift, and that was that. I got double teamed. He actually tried me and ran in my gap, and I ripped it out. Saw them bobble the handoff a bit and after that I just went and took it. It rolled around and I tried to pick it up and score." Cornerback E.J. Gaines said, "well first I wanted him to score, until of course he got caught. Then I was like 'Hey, just pitch the ball back to me.' But I kind of told him I was just playing with him about that after the game. He should've looked back and threw the ball to me and I would've scored."

Also today, Mizzou announced quarterback James Franklin is set to start against Florida. He said, "I don't really have any plans on limiting the playbook. Obviously I'll go out and practice tomorrow, and see if it really is true, and if I'm not just talking the talk, but walking the walk. So we'll see how that goes."

The Tigers take on Florida in Gainesville this weekend.