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COLUMBIA - IBM is working in conjunction with Corporate America Supports You, or CASY, to host a week long training for veterans. The class starts Monday afternoon and will teach the veterans skills to use data in a security workplace.

"This I-2 notebook class is an intense one-week training from a cyber security standpoint," IBM's Columbia Center Leader Pat Lynch said. "It will allow these veterans to gain a certification at the end of the week, improve their resume, and ability to find work in the public and or private sectors."

The class will host 15-20 veterans from Columbia. CASY has worked with companies like Citibank, Chase and American Express to train about 500 veterans in 30 locations across the U.S., U.K. and Canada.

"We would hope to hire some of [the veterans]," Lynch said. "But the really nice thing about this program is that we're working it with multiple companies, it's not just with IBM."

IBM has hired around 200 people since February, with veterans accounting for more than 30 of those positions. Lynch said the veterans they already have working there have had outstanding characteristics.

"The traits that they bring to the table are very strong: very disciplined, team oriented, dedicated, come into work every day and have an aptitude to continue to learn," Lynch said.

At completion of the course, the veterans will receive a certificate verifying their success in the cyber security class.