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KEYTESVILLE--There's something in the water in Keytesville, according to the Department of Natural Resources. Mayor Anthony Lee says the city is doing everything possible to fix the chemical levels-- including hiring new employees at the Keytesville water plant to improve the water quality. 

The city of Keytesville sent letters to businesses and residents of Keytesville Feb. 10 warning citizens not to drink the water because of the high levels of lead and copper.

According to Mayor Lee, over the weekend, water plant employees worked to improve the water for Keytesville. The mayor and residents alike agree that the water is no longer copper-colored since last week, which shows a visible improvement. 

Keytesville resident Lisa Ferguson said she is not comfortable drinking the water and won't give it to her daughter to drink. Instead, she buys bottled water. She does brush her teeth with the water because she says she isn't swallowing the water. Ferguson said she will begin to drink the water again in Keytesville when the Department of Natural Resources sends out letters to residents saying that it's okay. 

Mayor Lee said he is planning the first town hall meeting ever for Keytesville with the Department of Natural Resources present to answer questions from concerned residents.