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JEFFERSON CITY - Some students had the day off school on Monday, but that didn't keep them from learning.  About 15 kids participated in Kids Safety Day at University of Missouri's Cole County Extension Center in conjunction with 4-H Club Youth Development Organization.

Participants spent the day learning skills and tips to help them in tricky situations. In the morning students learned how to splint an injury and perform CPR on another child. The afternoon was devoted to teaching the children self-defense.

A string of kidnappings in Missouri sparked the idea for Diane Temmen to create the event. Her kids participate in 4-H and she's an administrative assistant at the center.

""It hit my heart stringers then because my kids were about that same age. What would I do if my child disappeared?," said Temmen.

This is the second year for 4-H alumni to teach participants self-defense.

11-year-old Isaac Wieberg said he's learned a lot of this stuff at Cub Scouts, but he was looking forward to a lesson in self-defense. He said he could have used the tips about using a splint before. He said his dad had to splint his sister's knee once with a yard stick. He said now he knows how to help in case that happens in the future.