Kids get the chance to talk to Santa in North Pole

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COLUMBIA – Kids in Columbia had the chance Saturday to call Santa up in the North Pole.

The City of Columbia managed to get the phone numbers for Santa, Mrs. Clause and the elves in the North Pole.

Two young girls, Taylor and Sydney Pauley, called Santa while out shopping in downtown Columbia.

Santa picked up the call saying, “Ho, ho, ho, this is Santa!”

Taylor wished for a Lego set while her sister, Sydney, wished for Hot Wheels cars.

Taylor added to her list, “I like instruments and stuff.”

At the end of the call, Santa told the girls to stay on the nice list.

“Well, as long as you promise to be good, I can try my very best to make this a very good Christmas for you this year," Santa said.

They replied with an eager, “Okay!” then ran to their parents with smiles and excitement.

A Columbia mom of two, Cindy Gibbons, said she thinks this is a good way to keep the holiday spirit alive.

“I think this is a wonderful way to keep the holiday magic alive, and what better way to do that than with young kids talking to Santa,” Gibbons said.

The North Pole took calls until 3 p.m.