Kids Go Indoors and Out for Summer Camp

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COLUMBIA - Eighty kids are enjoying their cool summer indoors and out this week at Camp Invention. Inside Mill Creek Elementary School, the kids are learning basic science by doing hand-on experiments.

The camp also provide different outside activities for the kids, most with water.

"Actually really fun activities that we do outside, they all involve water. So we do a lot of water activities and games. They really don't go outside much anyway. But, when they're outside, we always do with water, " Stephanie Wollenburg, the camp director said.

The one-week camp consists of five exciting modules that are designed to provide a unique opportunity to explore the unknown, tinker with ideas, and satisfy an innate sense of curiosity.

"By participating in Camp Invention, the children get very good hands-on learning experience, with science fundamentals that they would not get from their normal classroom. They are able to really learn by doing activities different and new to them that they would not normally do. It's cool," Wollenburg said.

At least for this week, campers at Camp Invention are sure to have an educational and comfortable time.

"I love it." Andrew Kim, a camper said.