Kids in need get free shoes before winter

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COLUMBIA - Kids at the Boys & Girls Club of Columbia ran around the playground Wednesday with new springs in their steps. 

Boys & Girls Club Executive Director Valorie Livingston said an organization called Shoes from the Heart provided over 200 pairs of shoes to children enrolled in the club.  

She said shoes wear and tear so quickly that the donation is just in time for the kids, especially with winter coming.

"This is perfect timing with the time of year it is and the perfect opportunity to make sure that hundreds of kid's feet stay warm in the wintertime," Livingston said.

Parents provided their child's shoes size, and Shoes from the Heart tried to bring enough shoes in the right sizes.

The kids then sat down with volunteers from Shoes from the Heart to be sized into the perfect pair of shoes.

Dante St. Cin said it feels good to get a new pair of shoes because not everyone gets the opportunity.

"It's pretty nice because not many people get shoes. I don't know who gets shoes around the world or not," he said.

Donnie Bonuchi and his wife Cindy started Shoes from the Heart three years ago when they were challenged by their church to do something to give back to the community.

"We went back, we prayed about it. We didn't know what we wanted to do, then Cindy turned around and came up with shoes," said Bonuchi.

This year Bonuchi said they are looking to expand to 36 counties in Missouri and will have given away over 3,000 pairs of shoes before the year is out.