Kids with disabilities experience scuba diving

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JEFFERSON CITY – People with various disabilities learned what it’s like to breathe underwater while feeling weightless.

The mid-Missouri Sheriff’s Dive Team and Scuba Adventure Dive Shop in Jefferson City partnered up to host the “Dive with a Cop” event Sunday. 

Participants didn’t have to pay a cent for the experience.

One mother said her son has been coming to the event since it started three years ago. She said he waits in anticipation for the event for days in advance.

“He looks forward to it. All day today he said ‘Is it time to go yet? Is it time to go?,’” Barbra Hoehne said.

Her son, Adrien, has ADHD and high-functioning autism. She said he likes to stick to a routine and doesn’t do well with change.

Hoehne said the event gives her son a needed sense of peace.   

“It gives him that break from everything going on in his head. He’s got a lot going on in there,” Hoehne said.

The idea came about when the owner of Scuba Adventure and the Sheriff of Maries County were talking together at the scuba shop.

“We wanted to give these individuals the opportunity to come out and experience something they would never otherwise experience,” Chris Heitman, Maries County Sheriff, said.

Heitman said the event is a nice perk to his job.

“It’s probably the most fun thing I do every year,” Heitman said.

If you are interested in getting involved with the event or know someone that would like to participate, visit Dive with a Cop's Facebook page.