Kids worry their parents share too much information online

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COLUMBIA - A new study found parents share more information online than their kids are comfortable with. The study found kids are nearly twice as likely to say they are concerned their parents post too much information about them online. 

"Children were twice as likely to report that adults should not “overshare” by posting information about children online without permission," the report said.

The study also found, "Children find it difficult to comply with requests to disconnect, parents share more information online than their children are comfortable with, and the most salient concern among both parents and children is the desire for all family members, regardless of age, to pay attention to one another when in one another’s company."

Assistant Professor of Human Development and Family Science Tashel Bordere said, "When we post pictures of our children, particularly without their permission or insight, we have made them vulnerable to other people to either getting likes or no responses."

Bordere said aside from the fact it can generate an emotional reaction, posting information about your kids can be dangerous.

"Imagine if there was someone monitoring your Facebook page and has this kind of understanding of your child and their activities, interests and can approach your child at any other point," Bordere said. "There are some positives and I want to highlight at least one positive of social media. It helps people stay connected, so the grandparent who wouldn't otherwise be on Facebook that lives in Louisiana can now see photos of the child quickly."

She also said it is important to talk to your kids before posting because that post will "set the tone for how they will be viewed by their peers."

The study was done by researchers from the University of Washington and University of Michigan.