Kim English Hosts Camp for Columbia Youth

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COLUMBIA - Former Missouri Tiger basketball guard Kim English returned to Columbia for a basketball camp this week.

English taught kids the fundamentals of the game Thursday morning and afternoon at Hickman High School. The camp also runs Friday the 21st, 10am-noon for third through sixth graders and then again at 2-4pm for 7th and 8th graders.

English says fundamentals are key to basketball and he wants kids to learn them just as he did at a young age. "I went to a camp when I was 12 or 13 years old, and Juan Dixon from the University of Maryland came and just walked into camp, and just touched my shoulders one time. And I looked up and saw it was Juan Dixon, and in my mind, me and Juan Dixon had a connection that can never be broken. It's one little small thing to him but it meant the world to me. And hopefully like I said, if I can just instill the love of the game in one of these kids, it would mean everything to me."

English is now an NBA player and a member of the Detroit Pistons, but once his NBA days are over he's looking to get into coaching. The camp not only helped kids learn basketball, but it also served as a stepping stone for his eventual goal. "I went back to the Missouri versus Arkansas game, and coaching is what I want to do. So hopefully Coach Haith is gracious enough to bring me back onto his staff once my playing days in the league are over."