Kinder Lashes Out At Accusers

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Jefferson City - Incumbent Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder released an open letter to Missouri voters Wednesday, expressing clear frustration over calls from both Democrats and Republicans that Kinder drop a possible gubernatorial campaign.

Kinder has been mired in controversy after reports he frequented nightclubs and had dealings with a dancer surfaced.

"While my opponents' operatives have taken advantage of a situation you may have heard of, I accept complete responsibility and apologize to you for my actions of almost 17 years ago as a single man," Kinder wrote in the letter.

The Republican leader went on to criticize what he saw as a smear campaign on his character by current Gov. Jay Nixon's campaign staff, criticizing the Governor of letting Missouri's economy "languish in ruin."

He also included a laundry list of Republican legislation he helped pass through the General Assembly.

Kinder has yet to formally declare himself a candidate in the 2012 gubernatorial campaign, but has been campaigning against Gov. Nixon--and promised to continue to in "every corner of the state."

In the letter, Kinder threw out guarded signs that he is considering a run for governor.

"I believe in our state, and I believe the people of this state have an untapped greatness. I am committed to waging a winning campaign as I have done 5 times before," Kinder wrote.

He did express some reservations about the campaign, writing "I will not run if I cannot win."

To read Kinder's letter, click here.