Kiosks lets tax payers mail taxes after closing time

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COLUMBIA-  Employees at the US Postal Service were extra busy Monday because of tax day. 
"That's not pleasant when you have to write out a big check to Uncle Sam today," Rick Ayers said. 
Ayers has worked for the US Postal Service for 33 years. He said despite the three extra days to file taxes this year, all three Columbia locations, Commerce Station, the Columbia Mall, and E. Walnut St., have been hectic. 
"Sometimes we see messes where it's up to as many as 30 percent of the people who haven't mailed their taxes yet," Ayers said. "It is a mad dash on the last day." 
All three locations have been staffed heavily with employees to keep line wait times to less than five minutes. 
"We do know from history that tax day is going to be a long day for all the employees," Ayers said. 
All three offices will close by 7 p.m., but there's a solution for tax payers who don't mail their taxes before closing time. 
The main location on Walnut has a 24-hour kiosk that will print a time stamp on the label up to midnight.  
The minimum it will print out a label for is 21 cents, which is the second ounce for any letter. 
Ayers said the kiosk will walk the customer through step by step, making tax day just a little more flexible on time.