Kirkman House Lights Up Holiday Spirits in Columbia

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COLUMBIA - The Kirkman House is giving the Columbia community a bright experience in its 3rd year of a synchronized light display for the holiday season.

The Kirkman House, which sits right across from the Columbia College campus, is named after their former Dean of Women, Elizabeth Kirkman. Even though graduate studies are now centered in the house, it used to be home to the music studies program at the college - making it a perfect fit for the synchronized light display, which matches up with holiday music played on local radio station 106.5.

Bonnie Brouder, a former first lady at Columbia College, came up with the idea when she visited St. Louis with her friends and family over the holidays and saw the synchronized light displays throughout the city. She decided she wanted to bring the concept back to Columbia for her own community.

Brouder had already started another lighting ceremony many years before, where the front of the school's campus would be lit every year - but she wanted something more.

After talking to the Director of Events, Sallie Coley, and spending many months planning on the lighting display, they decided on a company who would provide the lights and synchronization.

The Kirkman House sits on the corner of 10th Street and Rogers Street right outside downtown Columbia and across the street from the main Columbia College campus. The house is a small, two-story brick house, neatly outlined with multi-colored lights, blinking in time with the music you can hear by tuning into the radio.