KOMU 8 responds to comments about new live streaming

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COLUMBIA - For the past few months now, KOMU 8 News has been trying to use new technology to incorporate viewer opinion. 

KOMU is now using live streaming on Facebook so viewers can offer comments and ask questions in live time. Since incorporating the new technology, a few viewers and professionals offered their opinions of the new streaming. Below are a couple of viewers' comments.

"Interactive news is the way of the future," Christopher Todrick said. 

"Wow this is cool, I love 2016," Zac Crismaru said. 

Reuben Stern is the deputy director of the Futures Lab at the Missouri School of Journalism and works with students on what he calls the "next big thing". Stern said the new technology could lead to a newscast catered to viewer questions, but some risks could also be added with going live. 

"It's quite possible that things we shouldn't be seeing and that shouldn't be streamed to a live audience are going to wound up being streamed to those audiences," Stern said. 

Along with uncensored television, KOMU also runs the risk with live comments when streaming. Overall, viewer feedback has been helpful as KOMU 8 News gets used to the new technology. Some have shared their technology problems and video or lighting concerns to be fixed for the next stream. 

Many viewers had problems with the stream freezing or pausing, but KOMU 8 Interactive Director Annie Hammock said the problem is easily fixable by using newer iPads for streaming. 

Molly Murphy is a film student at Stephens College and also sees live news streaming as the future. 

"It's not going to be fake," Murphy said. "It's completely unedited, and I think there's some beauty in that."

So what do you think about KOMU 8's use of new technology?

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