KOMU Addresses Coverage Confusion

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The most important job of KOMU is to deliver the most accurate information to viewers. Despite giving the accurate information, sometimes viewers are not satisfied with a way we cover the story. In this week's your view story, KOMU 8's Sarah Hill explains how both KOMU and the viewer made a valid point. KOMU covered the story about recent changes in consumer preference in movies and media and how these changes impacted the video rental businesses. In that story, we said Blockbuster filed for bankruptcy with a picture of a local Blockbuster store. We did not mention that any of them locally or nationally were closing. One local Block Buster store manager was not satisfied with our story. She had a couple of e-mail correspondences with the station and eventually put a sign in her store window.

The sign said, "KOMU aired a picture of our store and said that Blockbuster filed bankruptcy. That information is correct; however, we are not a corporate Blockbuster. We are privately owned and will remain open regardless of what Blockbuster Corp. does. We tried offering correction with KOMU, however, they refused."

KOMU 8's News Director Stacey Woelfel says, "I think telling the story of the business relationship between the local store and the national chain would really help the story out because it did imply I think through the superimposing of the image of the local store that the local store was about to close its doors. No. The story did not say that. But, I can understand why the owner of that store would be upset by the story use of its local image."

"It might happen more often than people think. We do the story where everything we have is accurate and that was the case with this story. But, the person doesn't like the way video was used or the angle that we took, and so they think it's not right, but in fact it is accurate. We stand by that," Woelfel said.

KOMU tried multiple times to contact the manager of the Columbia Peach Tree Blockbuster Store, but she did not respond to our request for an interview.

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