KOMU News @ Noon Tuesday 070312 Part 2

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In today's show we discuss how the how temperatures outside are affecting farmer's crops.


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Adorable puppies get a blow dry


Trombone dude explains history of #hashtags in video 


Remember a time when every other tweet in the world didn't end with something like #YOLO and no one even knew where to find the pound sign on the keyboard? Yeah, us neither. That's why we're grateful for Paul Nowell, a quirky trombonist who takes us on a musical ride through the history of Twitter hashtags in a two-minute rap video that is not only entertaining but ridiculously precise and informative. With an addictively funky beat as the backdrop, Paul the Trombonist drops knowledge about the founding father of hashtags (computer programmer Chris Messina) and the event that vaulted hashtags into international prominence (2009's #IranElections). If only learning could always be this much fun.