KOMU Rides Along for Warrant Roundup

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COLUMBIA - KOMU 8 accompanied the Columbia Police Department as they conducted a warrant round-up on Wednesday. The Department compiled a list of around 150 individuals with outstanding city arrest warrants. The list was generated based on more serious offences and violations. This included DWIs, resisting arrest, stealing, MIPs among others. It also includes warrants for people who have failed to pay their fines and court costs. There are many students on the list. Police say students were included because many of them will be leaving town within the next few weeks.

Lieutenant Timothy Moriarity directed a special unit of 15 law enforcement officers who went out in teams to serve the warrants. Moriarity stressed to the unit that while there was a long list of wanted subjects, the round up was about quality and not quantity. "There is no special prize for the team that makes the most arrests," Moriarity said. "I will be happy if each team brings in one person."

Columbia Police Officers joined with the Boone County Sheriff's Department as well as University of Missouri Police. Authorities checked last known addresses which proved to be a tedious task. "Most of these people move a lot and don't stay in one place too long," explained CPD officer Kevin Keith. During the search they discovered some on the wanted list had given false addresses.

Many of the individuals on the list had multiple outstanding warrants.

The CPD said one of their goal was to get people to turn themselves in, explaining its more convenient for the individual and the process is faster. Police also said turning themselves in can save individuals the embarrassment of being arrested in front of their family and neighbors.

The round-up resulted in seven arrests and three people turned themselves in. The main factor hindering more arrests was bad addresses. But officers say that doesn't mean those individuals are off the hook. "Eventually we'll run into them," Keith said.