KOPN breaks world record for most interviews in 24 hours

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COLUMBIA - KOPN broke the world record for most people interviewed in 24 hours, in an event that put hundreds of people on the air this weekend.

The rules required the interviews be conducted by a single person, who could not ask the same question twice. That person was general manager Sean Spence, and, by the time it was done, he'd talked to 421 people.

The community radio station is still waiting to be certified by Guinness World Records, but is confident it broke the previous record by 73 people.

At the start of the event, Spence said, "This is an overwhelming crazy undertaking and we are just trying to survive."

He prepared 1,900 questions - 54 pages worth - and the people who were interviewed could also bring their own. Each interview lasted two to three minutes.

“Interviewees ranged in age from two-years-old to 89 and there seemed to be no barriers related to color, ideology, or economic status,” Spence said. “It was absolutely what KOPN was all about, representing every inch of our community.”

The station got the idea to go for the record as staff members were preparing for a fundraising drive. They had just a week to prepare. Spence said it was a "whirlwind."

"The whole thing was beyond nuts,” he said.

The station raised $1,500 during the event.

KOPN staff and volunteers plan to submit the verification packet by Tuesday.