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FULTON - The Fulton Medical Center will not be closing as previously announced.

The center was scheduled to close Sept. 22 after MU Health decided to sell its 35 percent stake in the hospital.

City administrator Bill Johnson announced a change in plans Friday, saying another group stepped in and purchased the medical center. He did not specify who the group was.

A visitor to the Fulton Medical Center, Christina Barham, said she's glad the center will not be closing.

"To me, the doctors here are a lot more caring because it is a small town," Barham said. "So are the nurses. Plus, I've been coming here since I was born."

Barham also said she prefers to have something closer to home rather than needing to drive to Columbia.

"When I come here it's just like a family meeting. Just like coming home," Barham said.

Barham also said that while some residents criticize the quality of the medical center's services, she disagrees.

"Yeah, they lack in some areas, but as far as hospitality and patient care, I think they do what they can do to make the patient more comfortable and more relaxed," Barham said.

Johnson said there will be a press conference next week with more details.