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COLUMBIA - Democratic gubernatorial candidate Chris Koster made a stop in Columbia Friday, less than 72 hours after winning the Democratic nomination.

After winning the nomination with 79 percent of the vote, Koster turned his attention toward Republican candidate Eric Greitens. Koster said the Republican party ignored three qualified candidates for what he calls a "motivational speaker." Koster said Greitens' lack of political background should leave voters wary. 

"I have seen Eric Greitens work for the last six months, and I take him at his word that he is capable of blowing the government up," Koster said, referencing one of Greitens' ads, in front of more than 50 people at his campaign's Columbia office Friday. "But I have no confidence whatsoever that he has the experience, or the knowledge, to put it back together."

Koster also addressed three key issues of his campaign: health care, infrastructure, and education. He said he's trying to represent all Missourians who care about these issues.

"I want people who care about public education and higher education, a rational plan for funding roads, and for those who want health care investment to have a voice in state government," Koster said. "I'm trying to bring balance back to this government."

KOMU 8 News reached out to the Eric Greitens' campaign, but it did not return the calls Friday evening.