Koster holds rally the day before election

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COLUMBIA — The Missouri Democratic Party hosted a quick rally early Monday morning. Gubernatorial candidate Chris Koster made an appearance to thank his supporters and volunteers.

"The thing that you feel at the end of a race like this, quite honestly, is an amazing sense of gratitude for people like yourself, many of whom I've never met, but who are out knocking on tens of thousands of doors, making hundreds of thousands of telephone calls and making a difference," Koster said. 

When asked about political corruption being such a large issue in this year's election, Koster said the coalition that has come to back him is one of the broadest in the last 50 years to support a candidate for governor.

"We've got Missouri Farm Bureau, National Rifle Association, the entirety of the agricultural sector. These are groups that have made a choice that the Democratic candidate for governor, Chris Koster, is best prepared to lead this state forward," Koster said.

In response to President Barack Obama's ad endorsing him, Koster said he welcomes the support of everybody who is behind the campaign as it goes forward with elections tomorrow night, but also addressed the Affordable Care Act.

"There are things about the Affordable Care Act that need to be fixed and I urged the bipartisan group in the U.S. Senate and the U.S. House up in Washington D.C. to come together and find bipartisan solutions that will make this act better," Koster said. 

He said he believes the division in this year's race could not be any clearer. One of his goals is to take Missouri tax money and bring it back in to the state of Missouri and invest it in the health care system, he said.

"I think that that's smart. We shouldn't be playing politics with our tax money, we should be investing it in Missouri," Koster said.

Ultimately, Koster said, the main message of his campaign was to bring people the people of Missouri together. 

"We have presented a campaign that reflects my heart and my goals for this state. I have been true to who I am and the vision that I have which is a big tent, it's a conservative, democratic tent, but it reaches out to folks on the right and the progressive side," Koster said. "So from the agricultural community to folks who are supportive and protective of women's health care decisions, we are bringing this state together."

Koster said he knows it's going to be a close race and asked his volunteers and supporters for some extra effort the day before elections.