Labor Day Traffic

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COLUMBIA - The end of a holiday weekend means one thing: holiday traffic. This Labor Day weekend, I-70 drivers said traffic around Mid-Missouri was better than expected. 

"No traffic at all, it was outstanding," said Mark Hurtt, who traveled from Wentzille to Kansas City. "The driving speed was the normal speeds that were posted."  

Another driver on the road, Judy, who was traveling from Alabama to Colorado, had a similar driving experience. "We just passed a slow down going the opposite direction," said Judy. "But we haven't had any traffic."

However, Ralph Showalter, a truck driver who has driven on Labor Days for the past 30 years, said the traffic he experienced was normal.

"I would say its average and normal for a holiday," Showalter said. 

Missouri State Highway Patrol did not have the exact number of accidents that occurred in the Boone County area throughout Labor Day weekend. 

However, there was an car accident Sunday afternoon on I-70 near the Providence Road exit.  

Columbia Police Department confirmed the accident was because of a flat tire and that no one was hurt. 

MoDot reported that Missouri had a 35 percent decrease in driving fatalities as compared to 2017. This amounts to over 100 fewer deaths on the road.