Lake changes affect your pocket book

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LAKE OF THE OZARKS - Speeding in “no wake" zones, not having the proper number of life jackets and children under the age of seven not wearing life vests are all reasons for fines on the Lake of the Ozarks.

“When it comes to safety out there on the waterways we really try to educate the public,” Sergeant Scott White said. “If a warning will do, that suffices and we really like to see that.”

Before this week people could be fined $137. Now, thanks to new laws approved last session, the fine is around $25. This, just one week before Labor Day weekend. 

One mother said it’s hard to keep up with the changes to laws on the lake.

“I feel like it will be set for a couple weekends in the summer, or certain situations, but there’s nothing that is super consistent for you to have a set thing to follow at all times,” Katy Conard said.

White said he doesn’t believe the decrease will mean more tickets for lake visitors.

“There are some people that just don’t get the message, and that’s who the citations are for,” White said.

General manager for Marine Max, Thad Jameson, said he thinks citations will increase. He sees it as a positive change.

“If they get a small fine, hopefully that will remind them to be a safer boater in the future,” Jameson said.  

MSHP is also working to promulgate and see public comment for the implementation of “no wake” zones in coves with a mouth of 800 feet or less. This is double the previous width.