Lake of the Ozarks Hosts Largest Car Show in Central Missouri

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LAKE OZARK - The Magic Dragon and GenNex car show broke its record Saturday with more than 1,100 cars participating in the annual event. Event organizers predict around 10,000 visitors throughout the weekend and with that, business owners enjoy the spike in shoppers.

The event is located on the Bagnell Dam Strip in the Lake of the Ozarks and is a popular community event. Alan Sullivan has been the chairperson of the event since 2004.  He said the amount of cars and participants has continued to increase.

"One of the great things of our event is that we bring in thousands of people into the Lake of the Ozarks area," said Sullivan. "We have fun in our businesses, people shop in our stores and we get to see some incredible and beautiful cars."

J.D. Kudart owns Custom Motorcycle sits in the Bagnell Dam Strip.  Kudart makes custom motorcycles and cars. The amount of exposure, attention, and business his store receives increases with thousands of people walking around.

"It's really helped the strip-area food carts and businesses in the area," said Kudart. "Just yesterday alone, I had several more people in my shop and I got people interested in upgrading or buying a car or motorcycle. So this show and weather helps the business throughout the strip."

This is Dave Cole's first time at Magic Dragon car show. Cole brought his maroon Corvette and is also a member of the Corvette Club of Kansas City. Organizers say people as far as California showed up to present their cars. Cole said the type of event is what brought him to the Lake of the Ozarks.

"The variation of the unique cars and the combination of being able to see everything is what's so great," said Cole.  "The location and weather down here is perfect and I couldn't imagine where else I'd rather be right now." 

Organizers hope to continually increase the amount of cars and visitors with future cars shows.  For more information please click here.