Lake Ozark crews work to maintain roads in icy conditions

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LAKE OZARK - With ice on the ground, Lake Ozark maintenance crews hustled to stay ahead of winter weather Friday.

Eager to avoid being caught off guard by the weather, maintenance crews began salting and treating the roadways ahead of the storm earlier in the week, and are continuing to do so throughout the weekend.

According to Eldon maintenance supervisor for MoDot, Dirk Honeycutt, the continuous road treatment is vital when addressing icy conditions.

"Anytime you're dealing with ice, that’s as bad as it can usually get," Honeycutt said. "This storm so far the temperature has worked with us, which is a real benefit to us so far but things can go the other direction pretty fast. With the temperatures we’re at."

By Honeycutt's estimation's 45-50 treatment trucks are operational in the area at the moment.

The roadways are not the only aspects of the city being treated and prepared however, as the storm rolls through.

Lake Ozark City Administrator, Dave Van Dee informed KOMU 8 News of the placement of back-up generators 

"For power and anticipation of power outages we put our back up generators in strategic locations so we can keep our communications active with our dispatch, public works department, and the police department," Van Dee said.
According to the Lake Ozark Police Department, there has not been an influx of traffic crashes at this time as a result of weather conditions. The department is attributing this to residents heeding MoDOT warnings to stay off the roads as much as possible.