Lake Tourism

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CAMDENTON - Locals at the Lake of the Ozarks said tourism will not be affected by the recent boating crashes that killed two people. 
Local business owner Jerry Nauss said he enjoys the visitors but wishes they would be more responsible on the water and more mindful of people’s property. 
“We want everyone to come down and have a good time. That’s what this lake was made for,” he said. “But don’t abuse it, and don’t abuse someone else’s privileges, please.”
Local resident Mindi Sales said the tourists are what keep the area alive. 
“We welcome them when they come, but we don’t like them coming and drinking and driving,” she said. “We really don’t want anybody’s lives hurt or injured or taken because of someone being foolish on the water.”
Both sources said the accidents won’t detour visitors from coming because it happens every year, but the recent bad weather might.