Lamine River expected to crest 7 feet above flood stage

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OTTERVILLE - As the rain comes down, the Lamine River in Otterville is rising. Throughout the day the river rose over an inch on top of the five to six inches it acquired over the weekend.

Bernie Schoen, the manager of A G Co-Op, said the flooding is affecting their operations.

“We had an inch and a half today, we lucked out, and last weekend was when we had pertinent to five inches in surrounding areas, and it made it difficult for us to deliver feed because a lot of highways were closed north of us,” Schoen said.

According to the National Weather Service the flood stage is at 15 feet, and the river is projected to crest at 21.8 feet in the next day.

Schoen said all the flooding is also affecting the corn crops in the area, many of which were underwater over the weekend.

“If it keeps raining we might have to replant some of the crops and corn that’s been planted,” Schoen said.

All of the roads MoDOT closed over the past several days are now all open according to several residents in Otterville.

The city also said the flooding is not affecting any residents.