Landlord wants sheriff's department substation on Demaret Drive

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BOONE COUNTY - Two landlords are upset after the Boone County Sheriff's Department declined the landlord's offer to set up a substation in one of their units.

Leah and Jon Livingston own several units on Demaret Drive in Boone County. They gave the sheriff's department the option to set up a substation rent free in one of their units in order to make the neighborhood and area seem safer.

The Livingstons posted on the Columbia Crimestoppers Facebook page and then later on KOMU 8's facebook page to get their message out following a Monday night shooting in the area.

"I wanted people to know that we need to take action," Livingston said.

"When there is somebody in the community in there, at all time or not at all times, it will be to the people who are causing the trouble's detriment."

The Boone County Sheriff's Department said it refused the offer because of logistical considerations. The department has three substations - one in Hallsville and two in south Columbia. 

Maj. Tom Reddin said because of the way Boone County is shaped, it made more sense to locate the substations running north and south.

Reddin also said the problems with equipping the station becomes an issue.

"Security is another issue. Our equipment is not only expensive, but it accesses criminal justice and confidential information," Reddin said.

"Our substations are not staffed 24/7 as that is impossible as well.  So we must be smart and responsible as to where a substation may be located so that our equipment and information remains protected."

Leah Livingston said it did not make sense to her because she and her husband offered the home for free for neighborhood safety purposes.

"Sooner or later, a kid is gonna hurt and someone's gonna come screaming," Livingston said. "I'm going to be standing there saying I tried to get you to come out here and help out. I was giving you free rent to do it."

Livingston said the offer still stands if the sherrif's department decides to change its mind.