Lanes open in Lafayette Street interchange, project ahead of schedule

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JEFFERSON CITY — MoDOT's Lafayette Street Interchange project opened up eastbound and westbound lanes and the westbound on-ramp on Clark Street for traffic on the U.S. 53 and 60 bridges on Thursday. 

MoDOT engineer Patty Lemongelli said that puts the project ahead of schedule, since only the eastbound lane was supposed to open on Thursday. 

"We're pretty pleased that things have gone well and, with this major milestone, we're now in the home stretch for the project," Lemongelli said.  

She said drivers will feel the impact of the lane openings almost immediately. 

"Folks won't have to deal with shifting lanes and also, with the westbound improvements and lowering the profile in the area, the sight distance is going to improve as traffic approaches Monroe Street. So I think folks are just gonna find a safer, smoother traffic feeling as they move through the area," Lemongelli said. 

The project's progress has been encouraging to MoDOT. 

"It's been one of the larger projects we have built here in mid-Missouri, so to see this light at the end of the tunnel is always pretty exciting," Lemongelli said. 

The project's completion is still set for its October deadline.

"Looks like we're gonna make that commitment, if not beat that commitment," Lemongelli said.