Large cicada group misses mid-Missouri

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COLUMBIA - Mid-Missouri residents should not expect to get as many cicadas this summer. Robert Lawrence, a forest entomologist for the Missouri Department of Conservation, said if the periodical cicadas were going to be in mid-Missouri, they would have come out by now.

Entomologists predicted the two large broods of cicadas emerging in Missouri earlier this year

"In Missouri they only cover the far northwest and the far southeast. So we weren't expecting much of anything in mid-Missouri but there were a few scattered individuals here and there," Lawrence said. 

Mid-Missouri can expect to see annual cicadas coming out in July. These annual cicadas do not come out in the millions like the periodical cicadas do.

Kansas City, Eastern Kansas and Northwest Missouri and Southeast Missouri should expect periodical cicadas in 2015, according to Lawrence.

Lawrence said the heavy rains and participation also slowed down the emergence of the periodical cicadas this year.

"The periodical cicadas...came out later than expected this year so it could be that all the rain we had slowed them down but eventually they all came out in huge numbers,"  Lawrence said.

Lawrence said millions of the periodical cicadas are coming out as scheduled in those areas and will begin to taper off by the end of June.

The periodical cicadas come out every 13 or 17 years in broods, according to the MDC. These cicadas emerge in May and June.

Annual cicadas on the hand go through only through a two to five year life cycle and emerge in July.

The next periodical cicada brood to emerge in mid-Missouri will be in 2024, according to Lawrence.