Latham Elementary

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LATHAM - A new beginning for the students of Latham Elementary.  On Monday, the students gathered for the ground breaking ceremony for their new school.  Last December the school was destroyed in an overnight fire. A neighbor woke up to find flames shooting out of the school's windows.  By the time the fire fighters reached the scene, most of the school had burned to the ground and the crews were trying to save the gym.

After the fire the 61 students of Latham Elementary held classes in a local church until the school leased trailors to use on the school's property.  Although the gym was saved, it was unusable because of the fire damage.  

Principal Tanya Brown said since the school was deemed as a total loss, most of the money to pay for the new school came from insurance money.  Brown said the school has also received around $100,000 in donations.  Brown said the school would still appreciate any money donations to finish the $1.2 million project. 

Latham Elementary is the only school in the town of Latham.  After eighth grade students either go to California, Tipton or Versailles for high school.  Brown called the school the "hub of the community."  Brown said some families in Latham have had four to five generations attend the elementary school, so more people than just the students are excited about the new building. 

The new school is set to be finished by July 31 of next year.