Laura Gregory

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FULTON- Job Point recently awarded Laura Gregory an Award of Excellence for finding a career despite a life threatening condition. Gregory works in the bakery department at the Fulton Wal-Mart. Surrounded by carrot cake, her job is full of temptations. But at no point in Gregory's life was she ever tempted to give up.

"I had my first seizure at age 5 and we didn't know what it was," said Gregory. "My dad was grooming the horses getting ready for summer. Then all of a sudden, I fell right there and I started shaking. Then, we found out a couple months later that it was epilepsy that I had."

By the time she was in high school, Gregory was suffering more than a hundred seizures a day. She'd lost the use of her right hand. The only way doctors could save her life was to remove part of her brain to try to get the seizures to stop.

"I had to learn how to do everything over again. I had to learn how to walk, talk...write. I had a therapist that used music to help me learn how to talk again and she's like....what's your favorite artist?  Whenever you heard Taylor Swift playing in the hallways, you knew it was speech therapy time. My favorite song is 'Fearless' and I think I'm kind of fearless. "

Laura also had to learn how to get a job.

"At first we had a hard time because she had no work experience," said Melanie Bunton, Gregory's Job Point Adviser. "Explain why you have no work experience since graduating high school. "

Job point taught Gregory how to fill out resumes, how to dress and how to interview. She landed a job at the Fulton walmart. She's been seizure free for nearly 4 years.

"Every month you're like yeah, another month".

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