Law enforcement agencies conduct active assailant training drill

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COLUMBIA — Local law enforcement agencies participated in an active assailant training exercise Monday to better prepare for real emergency situations.

The MU Police Department, Columbia Police Department, Missouri State Highway Patrol, Boone County Sheriff's Department, Columbia Fire Department, University Hospital EMS and Boone County Emergency Management all took part in the exercises on the MU campus and at the Southern Boone County R-1 Elementary School in Ashland.

Brad Fraizer of the Columbia Fire Department worked as the Public Information Collector for the drill.

Fraizer said the point of the drill was to make sure all parties can run smoothly and effectively in a situation like this.

"There's a lot of evaluators here that are watching," Fraizer said. "We'll get their feedback as well as feedback from participants."

Fraizer also said it was good to have all of the agencies together.

"This gives us all a chance to work together. We work together one-on-one every day for the most part. It is very rare that all agencies get to work together at the same time, so this is an opportunity to just train together on a large scale event."

Boone County Emergency Management Director Terry Cassil said, "These type of exercises, where agencies operate as if the event was occurring in real time, are invaluable learning tools. While we hope we are never put to the real test, we must be prepared for any type of scenario which could occur."