Law Enforcement Camped out for 12 Hour Fundraiser

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BOONVILLE- Law enforcement officers are camped out for a cause Friday in Boonville. Six different mid-Missouri institutions have come together to raise money for Special Olympics Missouri athletes from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m.

The officers are camped out on the top of C&R Grocery and invite the community to stop by and donate at the ground donation table, located near the door of the building or on the roof, where the officers will be campaigning. It's part of a program called "Cops on Top," where law enforcement go on the tops of buildings to fundraise.

The fundraiser officially started at 6 Friday morning and officials were setting up at 4:30 a.m., making the 12-hour day in freezing temperatures even longer. But Special Olympics Missouri Board Member and Athlete Rob Eichelberger said he didn't mind the low temperature because he was, "freezin' for a reason."

Eichelberger also reminded the community Special Olympics is about much more than sports, but is also about bravery, support and community encouragement.

The officers are hoping to raise $2,500 Friday to add to the Polar Plunge donation they will make at the Boonville Polar Plunge on February 22 at Lake of the Ozarks. All of the money raised at Polar Plunge, and fundraisers like it, contribute to the Special Olympics Missouri annual budget.

President and CEO of Special Olympics Missouri Mark Musso said law enforcement agencies worldwide raise $46 million a year. This year Missouri law enforcement is predicted to contribute $2.4 million of it.

To register for a Polar Plunge in your area visit the Special Olympics Missouri website.