Law enforcement plans crack down on underage drinking and driving

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COLUMBIA - According to MoDOT, law enforcement is trying to crack down on underage drinking and driving. Law enforcement will have a high-visibilty enforcement campaign from May 5 through May 16.

These dates coincide with statewide prom and graduation days.

According to MoDOT, there were 53 fatal crashes and 144 serious injury crashes in the last three years involving impaired drivers under 21-years-old.

David Titiner, a student at the University of Missouri, said the enforcement campaign is a great idea to help with this issue.

"Just to make sure that the people around town feel safe, not even are safe, but just that they know that somebody is out there watching for this specific problem," Titiner said.

Erin Stark, another University of Missouri student, also said it is a good idea because it will keep people in check from making bad decisions.

"I think a lot of people get into cars without thinking twice about it, and they'll think that because they haven't drank in a while that they're good to drive, and they might not be," Stark said.

According to MoDOT, Missouri has a Zero Tolerance Law. Getting caught for underage drinking and driving can result in a suspension of a driver's license.