Law firm requests documents from Boone Hospital Board of Trustees

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COLUMBIA – A Missouri law firm has filed a request for documents related to Boone Hospital's announced exploration of a partnership with University of Missouri Health Care.

Last week, the Boone Hospital Center Board of Trustees announced they will work exclusively with University of Missouri Health Care on a partnership.

On Friday, Mutrux Finny, P.C. filed a Sunshine Law request for documents between the Boone Hospital Board of Trustees and MU Health.

“We requested any transcripts or notes from any closed door meetings because we wanted to see if there is anything that has been discussed without the public knowing about it,” said Tyson Mutrux of Mutrux and Finny, P.C., a personal injury law firm. “Another thing we requested is emails between the Trustees about the potential merger.”

The law firm requested information starting in Jan. 2016 up to Aug. 4, 2017.

With all the discussions happening, Mutrux just wants the community to be informed.

“It’s not that we are looking for anything, we just want transparency in the process,” Mutrux said.

Brian Neuner, the chair of the board of trustees, said there is still a lot to work out.

"We are putting together a meeting plan. Both teams will identify the players that need to be in those meeting rooms," Neuner said. “Boone Hospital is the county’s largest asset, so our decision greatly impacts the county."

Mutrux has heard concerns from clients that the potential merger will limit access to quality and affordable care. “They are worked about the cost going up because if the university is the only game in town they can set their process at whatever they want.”

Mutrux said the firm expects to receive the documents on Wednesday.