Lawmakers react to Schweich's death

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JEFFERSON CITY - Tear-filled eyes filled the hallways of the Missouri State Capitol Thursday after hearing news about the death of State Auditor Tom Schweich. 

Many people didn't want to talk about his passing because they said they didn't know enough about what happened yet. Other representatives said they felt sick after hearing the news and had to go home early. 

State Representative Bill Reiboldt said the biggest question people were asking Thursday was "why?"

"I think everybody's shocked. In disbelief. He was just always bouncy and full of life," Reiboldt said. 

Reiboldt said he saw Schweich about two weeks ago, and Schweich seemed to be in good spirits. 

"It was after he had announced he was running for governor," Reiboldt said. "He seemed to be very happy and excited about it."