Lawmakers Repeal Facebook Law

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JEFFERSON CITY- Missouri lawmakers voted Friday to repeal part of the controversial Facebook law that puts a restriction on teacher student interaction via social networks. The house approved the repeal with a 139-2 vote.

One Jefferson City parent, Mary Ann Bradley, agreed with the decision of the lawmakers to allow school boards to develop their own policies.

"Allowing legislators to decide on the issue of social networking regulation takes the power out of citizens' hands," Bradley said.

Rep.Jay Barnes, R-Jefferson City, was one of the two representatives to vote down the repeal.

"A lot of school districts around the state are going to be forced into litigation they otherwise wouldn't have to be in regarding to these policies," Barnes said.

A Cole County judge issued a preliminary injunction declaring the law unconstitutional in August.  

"We're taking one unconstitutional state statue and potentially creating hundreds  of unconstitutional local school board rules," Barnes said.

Gov. Nixon has not said whether he plans to sign the repeal.

"We need to interact with some local school boards and individual teachers to see what their thoughts are about the law," Nixon said.