Lawmakers to consider bill allowing prescription drugs from outside U.S.

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JEFFERSON CITY -  Missouri lawmakers are considering a bill that would allow customers to get prescription drugs from outside the U.S., potentially lowering their costs.

House Bill 667 would give pharmacies outside of the U.S. a license to sell medication to the state of Missouri.

The bill was originally scheduled for a hearing Tuesday, but the hearing was dropped from the day's agenda.

This bill would give consumers more options for prescription drugs at a cheaper cost. 

"We just need to allow consumers to be able to buy medications that they can afford," said Rep. Steve Helms. "A big problem in America, and not just Missouri, is the fact that medications are too expensive. If you can't afford the medication, what good is the prescription doing you?" he said. 

Helms said he is aware of counterfeit medications, but said this bill would require the medication to come from a legal source that falls under the country's jurisdiction. 

"If we went to Canada and got injured and were given medication by a doctor, we would go to the local pharmacist and fill the prescription," he said. "I don't see any difference for Missouri." 

As of Tuesday morning, it was unclear when the bill would be rescheduled for a hearing.