Lawn Service Workers Double As Snow Plow Drivers

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BOONE COUNTY - Road workers plan to work throughout the night Tuesday to keep roads clear and free of snow and ice.

Both sides of US 63 had at least one lane of traffic plowed going northbound and southbound throughout the day. Some areas had both lanes plowed, but continuing snow flurries made it difficult for roads to stay completely clear of snow.

Salter's Lawn Service in Ashland has 20 employees.  It turns into a snow plowing service during winter weather. All 20 road workers were out taking turns and plowing roads all day Tuesday.

Salter's employee Domenick Taggart said he worked 14 hours and isn't done.

"We're just trying to get the snow off the roads to get businesses open tomorrow," Taggart said.

Ashland resident Keith Francis said the snow storm hasn't made his traveling too difficult.

"We were more prepared than we have been in the past," Francis said. "I don't think it's really that bad, I think it's six inches or less and a lot of us are used to that around here."