Lawrence Prepared For Bigger Role

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COLUMBIA - Kendial Lawrence is tough...he broke his clavicle bone in a high school playoff game his senior season. He stayed in the game and helped his team win.

Now Lawrence says he's ready for a bigger role with Mizzou.

Lawrence has a reputation to live up's tattooed on his arms. "Show" on his left and "time" on his right.

"Showtime" is his motto, but his teammates call him something else.

"I saw the tattoos on his arms, but he's "beetle" to me," says sophomore defensive end Aldon Smith.

Lawrence reveals that "showtime" was not his first nickname.

"My nickname is beetle. My grandma gave all of her grand kids nicknames. She said when I was a baby my hair would stick up like Beetlejuice hair."

He has big hair, on a small frame. Mizzou lists Lawrence at 5-foot-9, but his work ethic is bigger.

"I try to work two or three times harder than everyone else. So I know that being little helps me. For me...I think it's an advantage," says Lawrence.

Smith finds that his height makes it hard to take him down.

"He's short so it's hard. You get close to him you just have to fall on him. You can't try to get a big hit because he might just slip under you."

Lawrence makes moves during the game, but before it starts...he likes to focus.

"I just lay clothes out before I put them on...and I just sit there and listen to my music and just think of all the things that can happen during a game. Making long runs and good blocks and catches."

Those images create pregame visuals for Lawrence, but fans could see the real show from "Beetle" during the games this season.

"As a running back that's all things you need. He's a confident kid, too. He's not afraid to step up in the spotlight. He had showtime tatted on him for a reason," says sophomore wide receiver T.J Moe.

Lawrence grew up in a tough inner-city Dallas neighborhood, but before he went to high school, his dad told him to go live with his mom in a suburb.

Lawrence said his dad wanted his kids to have a better life than him.